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As a committed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Lakewood Colorado, your well being is my number one priority. I believe in the healing power of play, creative arts/expression, and understanding how the mind, body, and spirit communicate with each other to overcome life's challenges, trauma, pain, stress, loss, and imbalance. I am honored to be a part of your story, and to provide you with the care and attention you (and your kids/families) deserve.

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Why BlueRaven

Life can be wildly beautiful, terrifying, passionate, and challenging. It is also full of the unknown which can be difficult to manage on our own. While we cannot avoid the pain that comes with life's experience, it is possible to heal aspects of our pasts, learn to exist fully in the present moment, and look towards the future with hope.

The name of my practice is very intentional. BlueRaven prides itself on remaining open to universal meanings and symbols, and stems from the belief of personal animal messengers. In many cultures, a Blue Heron symbolizes self-reliance; its legs represent balance and the ability to evolve---the longer the legs, the deeper the water the heron can feed. For humans, the sturdier your foundation is, the deeper life can be explored. Blue herons are considered “jack of all trades” and stand out for their (albeit goofy) uniqueness and ability to thrive in different settings and tasks. They know how to “snatch” advantageous moments, and rely on their powerful flight to create movement towards opportunities. Their strength comes with their assertive stance to follow their own path and manage life circumstances. For BlueRaven, I also believe that blue herons represent protection. When a blue heron is seen, either flying above you or nestled in a marsh, it is a reminder to trust in your innate intuition and wisdom, stretch your legs, and fly. 

Ravens are found in ancient symbology across the world. They are recognized as having powers of prophecy and insight, a messenger between the material and spiritual worlds. They have the ability to make the unseen, seen. Although often mistaken for causing confusion with their shapeshifting abilities, ravens are considered magical and creative creatures. It is the bird symbol for birth and death, and all that encompasses life’s journey. BlueRaven believes that the therapeutic journey largely entails gaining insight to help us better understand the internal processes influencing our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Once we know ourselves more deeply and gain awareness of unconscious patterns, we become empowered to make changes that impact the direction of our lives and relationships. Ravens also have the reputation of being “tricksters,” which I like to interpret as reminding us of the importance of being playful in life, and finding a way to laugh and find joy where we can. So.. expect to get silly in some of your work with BlueRaven. Play can be an unexpected way to access deeply felt and long held emotions that are waiting to be known.

Together, these two animals represent my mission to provide a space for clients who are searching for healing, connection, and freedom from old ways of functioning.

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How I Work

Together we can decide if I am the right match for you with a complimentary 15 minute consultation

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver with my Masters in Counseling in the Couple and Family Track (MFT). This means I provide therapy to individual children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples/partners.


Certified Synergetic Play Therapist (SPT) • EMDR Level One • Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy (IST) • TheraPlay Level One • Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) • Circle of Security (COS) • Marshak Interaction Model (MIM) • LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Care • (and more).


Trauma (big and small) • Abuse • Neglect • Family Challenges • Transitions • Attachment • OCD • Identities • Depression/Stuckness • Self-Esteem • Gender Affirming Care • Personal Growth • School Performance • Family, Childhood, Teens, Parenting • Anxiety • Grief/Loss • Mindful/Somatic • ADHD • Autism Spectrum • (and more).

Therapeutic Style

While I have extensive training in trauma, attachment, and creative expression, the most important component to therapy is my relationship with you. My intention is to collaborate with you, find what style fits best, and offer a navigating hand to walk alongside you through distressing times. Please feel free to ask me about any of my trainings! I honor intersecting identities and how privilege(s) impact relationships. It’s with great consideration that I recognize how identities talk (or don’t talk) to each other, and I aim to be advocate for communities marginalized by systemic oppression. Therapy is YOUR space, so I ask all of my clients to have a willingness to share their discomfits, correct me when I am wrong, and form a genuine connection.

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“The present is a gift, and I just wanna be.” - Common

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