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Bryn Murphy - (she/hers)

I love to play. I spent most of my childhood protecting my treasured home from imaginary pirates and pesky vikings on a makeshift boat (i.e. standing in mud puddles with tree branches for oars). I spent a decade (okay, maybe two…) defending what I love against villainous characters, relying on my glorious sword fighting skills, and integrating my family’s abilities to play with me to overcome seemingly impossible hurdles. Little did I know, my childhood prepared me for life’s tumultuous obstacles. Obstacles that unfortunately, made it difficult to remain youthful. I recognize that when we grow up, we often lose the ability to play and connect with our senses. During moments of heartache, loss, and upheaval, we forget how to attune to our mind, body, soul, and spirit. Through Somatic and Mindful techniques, including, but not limited to, Synergetic Play Therapy, Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Theraplay, and attachment strategies, it is my goal to support you to connect with yourself and find new ways to manage issues.

It is my belief that everyone needs a form of play in their life to combat life’s distressing moments. Play can range from creative expression such as music, art or movement, to connecting with nature, playing sports, or having a tea party with your unresolved emotions. And while play can be scary to many people, I think I can provide your family with tools to ease you into a safe, inviting, and culturally responsive world to process and heal.

For the last 11 years, I’ve been honored to witness my client’s growth and resilience. While my primary therapeutic language is play, I strongly believe in healing through an attachment focused, experiential, holistic and integrated lens. I understand that the therapeutic relationship is rooted in connection, comfort, and a willingness to explore discomfort, pain, hurt, and trauma. I believe every person(s) has a story to tell, and sometimes those stories need new antidotes. I look forward to connecting with your child, adolescent, family or individual self and collaborating together to cultivate genuine growth. 

In my personal life, you can find me playing with my dog in the Colorado mountains, performing on stage, capturing moments with my digital (and analog) camera, and documenting my imagined worlds on paper. It is also my theory that a good therapist has their own therapist, so you will also find me continuing to integrate skills in the client's chair. 

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Michelle Strandberg -(she/hers)

Intensives ONLY

My therapeutic lens is largely informed by the sciences of connection. These include attachment and polyvagal theories, interpersonal neurobiology, and somatic experiencing. A golden thread that links these sciences is hope. With attention and intention, it is possible to move through pain and embody enduring change.

​Together, we will explore the origins of your current attachment strategies and uncover that which interrupts the ability to deeply connect to yourself and others. This process of learning (and unlearning) reveals an innate wisdom, guiding you home to yourself and relationships that fulfill you.

​​I recognize that we hold many intersecting identities with varying degrees of privilege and power. Therefore, I take into careful consideration the biological, psychological, and social influences that impact quality of life and access to resources for wellness. I take it as my professional and personal responsibility to amplify, and advocate alongside, the voices of communities marginalized by systemic oppression.

I enjoy being in nature, practicing yoga, live music, and sharing laughs with loved ones (and clients)!

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